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MS Walk & Socialization Corner

Today, Butter and I went to the MS walk to support our friend and co-worker, Tammy. We really enjoyed seeing our friends and walking. If you hear about a fundraising walk we strongly encourage you to show your support and take your dog, if it is allowed. Make sure you ask permission! This was a great opportunity to socialize Butter with kids, adults, dogs and being in a crowd.


Each flag represents a person living with MS.

Going on a walk in a crowd or at an event can be stressful, so set yourself up for success!

Some tips we suggest:

  • Take your dog for shorter walk, in your typical setting, so your dog is not overly energetic at your event. We suggest about one mile depending on your regular routine.
  • Start your event by having your dog follow some simple commands before you get into the crowd (sit, lay down, come, look).
  • Bring lots of treats so you are ready to train them and a clicker, if you do clicker training.
  • Do what is best for you and your dog. It is okay to hang out away from the crowd, do a shorter walk or walk on your own.

Doing these things can be the first part of setting yourself up for a great socialization experience.

What are things that you do to help your dog in crowded situations?