We Love Farmers!

Socialization Corner: Farmers Market

In my town we have a great farmers market with produce that is irresistible. This farmers market is busy with plenty of dogs, people and children. If a farmers market near you is dog friendly, it is a great opportunity to socialize a dog!

This was the first time Butter had visited the farmers market and it brought many new and old challenges.

We went in the fall season when the farmers market is starting to be less busy. Although there were plenty of people and distractors for Butter to learn from, we had enough room to walk around and do some training. Butter still found a flying table cloth and mirror wind charm to bark at, but with less people around, we could properly discover this table cloth, reward calm behavior and work through our barks.

Going when the market is less busy allowed more places to sit and we spent time in the middle of the market following commands and relaxing in a distracting environment.

Don’t let this sweet face fool you. She was just dumpster diving, that is why she is licking!
She is pretty cute despite her yucky dog taste!






















A few things I did to help ensure success include going on a walk in the morning before we went to the market, getting to the market before our friends to follow some commands and bring lots of treats to help keep Butters attention on me.

Love this trick because she has to follow multiple commands. I also love her ears as she jumps to get the treat. 

Sweet friends. We challenged ourselves more by inviting her good friend Rizzo!