Travel Tip

Sprinkler Stop

Whenever we look for a place to stop, as we travel,  we look for Butter’s favorite thing- a sprinkler!

During the summer (when we travel the most) many parks have sprinklers going and we will stop to let Butter cool down, play and enjoy her break. This helps her “beat the heat”, while getting some exercise.

A few trips back we stopped at a school with sprinklers going and Butter LOVED playing in them. In fact, it took a while to convince her to leave and get back in the car. I make sure that Butter does not get close to the in-ground sprinklers because I don’t want her to break them. This sprinkler was metal and on the end of a hose, so I let her get close and she played with the water.

Sprinkler fun! She did not want to leave.

If you are willing to get down and dirty with some “cool” fun, sprinklers are a great, free resource.  However, don’t forget towels to dry off your dog or possibly, yourself! Consider taking your dog for a “dry off” walk after you play. With a walk and a towel you will keep the mess to a minimum when you return to the car. This is not a clean activity.

Always remember your poop bags and to leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Butter gives sprinklers 2 paws up… because they can be messy.

*Butter only has 4 paws… so 4 paws up is the best!