Socialization Corner

4th of July Fireworks

Fireworks on the 4th of July are typically exciting for people, but upsetting for animals. Although Butter is usually calm around noises, we did a few things to set her up for success on her first 4th of July.

First, I participated in our normal routine. I got up early and went on a walk. Routines are going to help Butter stay comfortable and feel like it is an average day. A good ‘ole walk also helps Butter to be calmer during the day, which is a win in my book! Don’t need an “Energizer Butter” running around the house. This morning we walked around a local park and worked on loose leash walking, attending to our human and sniffing new smells.

What a good walker! This does not always happen…

Next, we made plans to see a dog friend, Jelly, to ensure Butter was tired when the fireworks go off. This was Butter’s favorite part of the day.

They play rough and have a great time!
They both wanted Jelly’s toy.







Check out Butter’s ears…so silly.

We stayed in to make sure Butter had the comfort of her home, people and TV in the background since this was her first 4th of July and we did not know how she would react. Having these comforts are helpful  as they mask some of the sound and provide distractions. I had a back up plan of treats, in this case a pig ear given to her by Jelly’s mom, Ashley. When Butter is nervous about sounds I always give her a nice treat with the hope that she will associate these sounds with something good.

The result? A happy, calm Butter the entire night! She slept through all firework sounds. In fact, she was tired enough that she did not require any treats and will get her pig ear on another day!