Ready Or Not…

Here we come!

We are back after a (LONG) break. We have been sewing for Christmas, visiting family and getting ready to move to Oregon. Big changes! We included a few pictures from these adventures.

Butter and Ludo enjoying a walk. Photo Credit: Arnea (Ludo’s mom)
Sewing project #1: new toy! Monster bottle holder
Getting ready to take Christmas card photographs.
Helping the family (especially her Dad) move the chopped wood onto the porch.
Sewing Project #2: A bandana.
Sewing project #3: Collars for her and Ludo.
She stayed up ALL NIGHT at a sleepover with Ludo, so now she is cuddling up with her Ludo bear.
A trip to Boise, ID to discover a new area.

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and we look forward to catching up with some awesome hike!