Old McDonald had a Miniature Donkey

Socialization Corner- On the Farm

If you are going to a farm, ask to bring your dog! The number of opportunities to socialize a dog on a farm are endless. Noises, domestic animals, wild animals, machines, open spaces, people and so much more.

Butter meeting the horses and Elsworth for the first time.














We are fortunate to have Butter’s grandparent’s farm to visit and love to spend time with them. When we are on the farm it is always a great opportunity for Butter to have new experiences. Butter rides in the tractor,  walks around and interacts with many animals.

Butter was not phased by the large machines. 











Butter’s first ride in the tractor. A few weeks after we got her.

















At the farm we walk her every morning to see bunnies, our miniature donkey, cows, horses and other dogs. She is around when we start up the equipment and is able to watch the equipment move around while the boys work. Butter tends to ignore the equipment since she has been around it multiple times. Butter runs through fields with high brush and attempts to get the miniature donkey to play through the fence.

She loved to run and we would play recall games.
She is running back for some treats. Go, Butter, go!



Butter’s Dad plans to help her become a bird hunting dog, so we spend time letting her run around in the mud, brush and crops looking for birds and following scents. We laughed this week because she ran straight over one pheasant following the scent of another that was about 50 yards away from the first pheasant. So in a single run she pushed two pheasants out, but to her, she only found one. I guess we still have some work to do…


A storm was coming and we got soaked.
Love those floppy running ears.
She needed a bath by the end of this journey.

Butter did well! We use positive reward based training throughout these experiences, keeping her on a leash, so she was safe in these new environments.

You never know what friends you will make on a farm. In Butter’s case her new friend is Elsworth, our nephews miniature donkey!

Watching the cows eat. She was tempted to join them!
A maze of hay.
She really wanted to get to her Dad… and the cow poop!
Butter believes that sticks and water are the best. 
Her first trip to the farm. She was too little to be out of the truck.
She loved to go on adventures with her Uncle!

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