Dog Lover’s Oregon

Clock Tower Ales







311 Union St., Dalles, OR, 97058

This great restaurant is located in the downtown area of the Dalles, Oregon and is housed in the second Wasco County Courthouse building. The historic building, great staff and wonderful food make this an entertaining place to eat. The porch is dog friendly and we enjoyed the shade from the canvas awnings. It was a hot day and we all managed to be comfortable while eating our scrumptious lunch.

Waiting for more ice.

When you arrive at Clock Tower Ales one person will go through to the porch and meet your dog on the other side of the “dog door”. This door provides access to the porch without having to enter the restaurant. They assured me on the phone that someone would help us if we did not have two people to send Butter through the “dog door”. I found this to be adorable and clever.

This was such a great idea.

As soon as we settled at our table we had multiple waitresses give us compliments about how sweet Butter is, making us feel very welcome with a dog. The waitress brought Butter a bowl of water and provided us with more ice when asked. Butter loved chewing her ice to stay cool and the waitress made us feel comfortable when Butter made a mess of her ice. Nothing new in the Butter world… messy and wet at all times!

Sweet Butter.
She spent most of her time under the table


Butter was trying to impress the waitress.















Due to how friendly this restaurant is regarding dogs, we had about 4-5 dogs come and eat during our lunch. If your dog is not dog friendly or people friendly, this is not a good restaurant to bring your dog because the tables are in close quarters and there are plenty of people who eat at this delicious restaurant. We typically asked Butter to stay under the table since people were so close.

Nice porch, but tables are close together.

Due to traveling, I found that the patches of grass around the restaurant were very convenient to give Butter a potty break. Make sure that you bring your poop bags to leave the area cleaner than you found it. I also brought her a water bowl and chew toy, things I bring everywhere we take her. They did have individual water bowls at this restaurant, another nice feature.

I really enjoyed their flowers.



The food and beer was great with many options. This restaurant is also gluten free friendly. Clock Tower Ales provides live music events that sound great! Please check their website for food, live events and other information.

Butter gives clock tower ales 4 paws up!

Butter only has 4 paws…so 4 paws is the best.