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Multnomah Falls

The different hikes that you can do.

53000 Historic Columbia River Hwy, Scenic Loop Drive, Bridal Veil, OR 97010


Being from Oregon and traveling through the Columbia
River Gorge on a regular basis I have been very sad
to hear about the Eagle Creek fire. I am thankful we
recently visited Multnomah Falls and that Butter 
got to enjoy this great trail and its views, 
previous to this human made disaster. We would 
like to encourage every  parent to get their 
children (and their dogs) into the wilderness on 
hike's teaching future generations
to love and therefore, respect, nature.

Butter got to visit the highest water fall in the state of Oregon! She loved it, of course, because she got more pets than she has ever received before. Matt reported that at times she would sit and just wait for people to take turns petting her. He called her a “toll taker” with pets to pass. Such a sweet puppy she is!

We had to laugh once when attempting to pass people on this small bridge. Each day, many people stop to take pictures and you are shoulder to shoulder attempting to pass. Butter did great, but she licked peoples legs as she passed them! Oh my, so silly. I just wish I was watching their face and not her…

Look at that face. I got her at a funny moment, she was very happy during this trip.

Multnomah Falls is Oregon’s number one attraction, A.K.A., a VERY busy place. We ran into countless people and dogs, despite our early arrival. Although this is a paved trail, it is very uneven with steep drop off’s on the side that made it difficult to have a dog on the trail. We noticed that Butter preferred to be on the edge, possibly due to the softer ground, as she attempted to avoid the hard rocky surface. Even stopping for a water break was difficult at times due to the crowds.

Butter, enjoying the view of the falls.

However, Multnomah Falls is the number one attraction for a reason. It is beautiful and amazing. First, you come to a great look out just steps away from the lodge. You can then travel on to a bridge with a perfect view or climb one mile to the platform that looks down on the waterfall with views of the Columbia River Gorge. This climb is moderate due to the 11 switchbacks and steep climb, however it is paved. Butter made it the entire way, but a few of us stayed back after making it part way up. Staying back was not bad. We had a wonderful bench and partial view of the waterfall. If you are a serious hiker, there is a 6 mile trail to greater views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Whether you travel up to the top or not you are able to see a great view of the falls and enjoy the U.S. Forest Service interpretive center, gift shop, snack bar, restrooms and restaurant. Due to having Butter with us we brought our own food and did not go to the gift shop or restaurant. If you do visit the restaurant, make reservations previous to your visit. Do not animals in the car to eat at the restaurant, this would be a good time to leave your dog at home.

I really enjoyed these views.

If traveling, this is a great stop when you are on I-84  at exit 31 for the parking lot. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you visit early in the morning and on a weekday if possible. Many times the parking lot is too full to park and the falls  is extremely busy. We went on a Sunday morning at 8:00am and found that by the time we left it was busy with a full parking lot.

After finishing our 2 mile hike we let Butter cool down in the smaller stream that is next to the path leading to the parking lot. This is a fun place for kids, adults and puppies to play in the water given the correct supervision.











This was not our most enjoyable walk with Butter due to the crowds. She was very well behaved, but much of our attention and time was spent attending to her or waiting for people to get a chance to pet her. This is not a good hike for shy dogs. I would recommend visiting Multnomah Falls atleast once in a lifetime, but it will be most enjoyable with your pup at home.

This is nature, so there are plenty of places for your dog to use the bathroom, however, you want to bring your poop bags and leave Multnomah Falls cleaner than you found it. Trash cans are placed throughout the trail and are bear safe, so make sure you find the lever to open them. When sitting and waiting for our group to come back, many people had a difficult time with the lever due to their lack of interactions with bear safe trash cans.

Please visit the website to find more information and make your reservations for the restaurant. If you are reading this post close to when it is published (September 2017), please check fire updates for the Eagle Creek fire to ensure the freeway and hike are open.

Butter gives this hike 2 paws up! Although a human must do this hike at least once in a lifetime, it is best to leave your dog at home.

Butter only have 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!