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Auger Falls






Canyon Springs Road, Twin Falls, ID, 83301

Auger Falls is in the Snake River Canyon by Twin Falls, ID. To find the parking area: Drive down the grade, towards Centennial Park. Before you enter the  park, follow the road going to the left and drive by the golf course.  Continue past the golf course onto a gravel road and you will end in the parking lot.

With this as the view from the parking lot, it is obvious that this will be a beautiful hike.

We have hiked Auger Falls multiple times and typically about a dozen or less people are present. There is good parking, no charge and an outhouse when you arrive. There are no garbage cans, but you should still leave the area cleaner than you found it. Be prepared to pack out what you pack in. After you begin the journey there are no other amenities, it is just nature. The most wonderful thing about Auger Falls is how you can feel as if you are out of the city, when you are just a few miles away.

So many miniature waterfalls and beautiful colors this time of the year.
From the “Eagle Trail” you can take small paths down to the edge to look at the falls.
The “Auger Falls” trail will also bring you to this beautiful view.

All of the trails are clearly marked and the trails are kept with little debris. All the trails are dirt, unless you go onto the road (not open to cars) that is gravel. The main use of these trails appears to be for mountain bikers and some hikers.

If you walk to the look out (cliff edge) and back you hit about 4 miles. I have done this twice using my phone to track my mileage and both routes ended at 3.8-4.0 miles. All the trails I have walked on have been easy with only a few mild inclines. There is a lot of brush on all sides and you will want to have long pants to protect your legs from brush and ticks. There may be snakes in this area depending on the season, we have seen them before.

This is the ending of the trails when you hit the cliff and can see down the canyon. Worth the four miles!
Such a sweet face.
There are a lot of photo opportunities on this trail.
You can access this bridge if you follow the road. We have looked at it in the past, but I feel this view is even better!

Today we started on “Homestead Loop” linking to “Eagle Trail”, “Koda’s Trail”, “Haunted Forest” and ending on “Porcupine Trail”.  With many trails it is possible to make a hike long or short in this area. If you prefer to be by the water  stay on “Homestead Loop”, “Auger Falls” and “Eagle Trail”. If you prefer to see the water and then other views of the canyon, including a few small ponds, follow the other trails mentioned above. No matter your choice, it is all beautiful and fun to explore.

Clearly marked trails.
“Homestead Loop” has this old building.
Silliness on the trail. They love to play. I always try to stop and give Butter some love when we are hiking.

Butter give Auger Falls 4 paws up!

Butter only has 4 paws… so 4 paws up is the best.