Dog Lover’s Idaho

Downtown Mini Park

Between Main St. and Harrison St., Pocatello, ID


The other morning we wanted Oliver’s breakfast in Pocatello. The best bacon in town! Oliver’s is great, but they do not have outdoor seating and it was too hot to leave Butter in the car. We solved this by taking our breakfast to a park in between two buildings in downtown Pocatello.

Butter and her water bowl.

With a picnic table and some shade, we found this to be a great spot. I brought a few snacks, water, bowl  and our breakfast. Everyone ate and Butter got to work on her socialization skills, through staying calm as people, dogs and cars went by the park.

This park was not busy and included picnic tables, benches and a trash bin.  There was plenty of shade and as we ate, we enjoyed the view of trains starting up and taking off. Another positive is the free parking lot and a dog park across the street. We did not experience the dog park, but found there were many parking spaces available.

She did great hanging out while we ate. A few sticks to chew on and she is happy.

The only negative about this park is that it is downtown so there are busy streets surrounding the park. It would not be a good park to be off leash or if your dog is upset by cars, people or other dogs. If you take your dog to the stores, make sure you ask before taking them in. Don’t forget your poop bags and to leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Butter gives this park 3 paws up!

Butter only has 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!