Dog Lover’s Hawaii

Pilikai Beach Park

Signs pointing to the beach. Cove 5 is the dog beach.

5205 Iroquois Avenue, Ewa Beach, HI 96706

With guest stars Ike and Brittney!

Ike wet from a bath shortly after his ocean swim!

Pilikai Beach  Park is located in Iroquois Point which is a gated neighborhood called “Kapilina Beach Homes”. The neighborhood and beach are open to non-residents if you obtain a visitor pass. Thankfully, the security guards were helpful and guided us to this great beach.

If you don’t live in the Kapilina Beach Home neighborhood and aren’t a guest of someone that lives there, you will have to get a visitor pass. To obtain a visitor pass you will present your ID to the security guard at the gate, before you enter the neighborhood. The security guard will issue you a day pass and an assigned parking spot.

The beaches are public, however, the chairs under the umbrellas and cabanas are for residents only.

Umbrellas and cabanas are for resident use only.

When Ike and I visited this beach, we were assigned a parking spot that was about 0.5 miles away from the dog beach. The parking spot was difficult to find because there are many parking areas that say “guest/visitor,” but you need to look for small numbers painted on the ground to find the assigned spot.

Dogs are only allowed in Cove 5. According to the signs posted dogs must be leashed and in control at all times.

Ike and I visited Cove 5, otherwise known as the Dog Beach, on a Thursday afternoon. There were 6 other people present, but no other dogs! Once we got there, Ike immediately headed to the water. I kept him on the leash and played fetch with his favorite beach toy.

The beach is sandy with rocky coral, which may hurt when you step on it, so bring your water socks or shoes. It is also important to be mindful of the rough sand to avoid cuts on your dogs paws.

A tired dog is a good dog and Ike loved his swim.

Along the beach there are nine “T” shaped structures that were built to restore and stabilize the sandy beach and protect the housing area from flooding during storms. The “T” shaped structures help to give the beach a protected feel (similar to the Ko Olina bays).

You can see the T structures in the background.

While we were in the water there was a slight undertow. Please ONLY GO IN THE WATER IF YOU ARE SURE THAT THE CONDITIONS ARE SAFE AND HAVE APPROPRIATE SWIMMING ABILITIES. There are no lifeguards on duty, so be smart and cautious!

Ike and I had a great time playing in the water and digging in the sand.

Go Ike go!

Afterwards I took Ike over to one of the public shower areas and rinsed him off, which made for a much cleaner car.

Always remember your poop bags and to leave the area cleaner than you found it.


Recommended Supplies:
·      Leash
·      Harness
·      Pet waste bags
·      Doggie life vest (if your pup isn’t a strong swimmer)
·      Water socks/water shoes for yourself and dog booties for your pup.
·      Towels
·      Dog toys
·      Water for you and your pup

A beautiful, clean beach!

1.     Clean, dog friendly beach
2.     Public showers, restrooms, drinking fountains, and trash cans available
3.     Lots of parking
4.     There’s a nice walkway along the beach that you can stroll to help your dog dry off before your car ride home
5.     Wasn’t very crowded
6.     There’s a beautiful view of Honolulu, Waikiki, and Diamond Head

1.     It was a bit of a walk from our assigned parking spot (0.5 mile each way)
2.     The beach is somewhat rocky and can hurt you or your pet’s feet if you’re not careful
3.     There’s a bit of an undertow, which could make for unsafe swimming conditions

Ike gives this beach 3 paws up! We subtracted 1 paw due to the “cons” listed above. We will definitely visit this beach again!

Ike only has 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!

About Ike

Breed: Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever
Age: 13.5 months
Interests include: swimming, digging in sand, going on walks, car rides, eating ice cubes, and belly rubs.
The wonderful Ike!

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  1. How fun to be able to take your pup to the beach with you. My son lives on the Big Island and there are a couple public beaches he takes his dogs to for fun in the beautiful water and nice sand beaches. Love Hawaii! Thank you for swinging by the Ranch; we ? visitors.

    1. We love visitors too! How wonderful your son gets to play with his pups in the water. Hawaii is amazing??

  2. Pleased Monika filled me in on where you are. I’ve never been to Hawaii in person. However, I’ve been following Max the Dog’s blog for many years and have done many tours of the place with him. His adventures gave me a great appreciation for the natural beauties of Hawaii beyond the tourist belt.
    This beach was stunning, although I prefer the freedom of our local beaches. Ike is gorgeous!

    1. Yes, Hawaii is very pretty. Jealous that you are so close to your local beaches. I will have to check out Max the Dog’s blog! Ike is a gorgeous dog, thank you.

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