Dog, Halloween, Monster, Budget!

Monster Dog Costume Tutorial Featuring Butter

I am making my way through “no spend October” and when I decided I wanted to make Butter a costume I looked in my house to find the options. I ended up deciding that an old t-shirt of Matt’s, google eyes and felt can make a cute monster costume. Here is a tutorial on how I made Butter her budget friendly monster costume for $2.00 (I did not have the microfiber car wash gloves from the dollar tree):

Find your supplies:

  • Old t-shirt
  • Felt
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Something to trace circles (two sizes)
  • Hot glue
  • Google Eyes
  • 2 dollar tree microfiber car wash gloves
  • Elastic

Step 1: Mark the t-shirt

Make sure that you place monster eyes in places that would be visible when your dog is sitting or standing.  Have the dog sit or lay down, mark or remember the different spots on the t-shirt that need eyes. You can use a pencil. *If your dog does not like having the t-shirt on, you may work on this before you attach the items. We used lots of treats to get her comfortable. 

Step 2: Make the Eyes

Taking the different colors of felt, cut out two circles (one big and one small). Using a hot glue gun, glue the felt together and the three eyes on top of the smaller circle.

Step 3: Make the Plates

Draw two sizes of plates onto a piece of paper. Cut these out to use as stencils. Cut out two pieces of felt from the same color for each plate. Glue the same colored felt pieces together leaving the last 1/4 inch without glue.

Step 4: Finish the T-shirt

First, glue the plates onto the back of the t-shirt in a straight line. Start with the large plates and then add the small plates. To glue, open the bottom 1/4 inch that was left without glue, add glue and place on the shirt with flaps open (see picture). Then glue the eyes onto the shirt.

Step 5: Make the Hat and Feet

Cut the microfiber gloves keeping the top square only. Take one of these and cut it in half (this will be the feet). Set these aside.

Using felt, cut six large white circles and three small black circles to make the eyes. Glue one large white and one small black circle together to look like eyeballs. Glue the second white piece of the back of the eyeball leave the bottom 1/4 without glue. Similar to the plates, open the bottom flap, place glue on the flaps and then put them onto the the hat piece with flaps open.

Take elastic and cut two pieces that would work to keep the feet piece on. Then cut two pieces to keep the hat on. I did not measure, just guessed and then adjusted as necessary. Glue the elastic onto both the feet and the hat. Try them on to make sure they stay on your dog. *Again, see if your dog needs training to tolerate these pieces. Butter did not mind the shirt, but did not like the hat or shoes.

You are finished! This is so very cute…even if Butter thinks it is silly looking. Hope to have better pictures for you closer to Halloween. Happy “Howl”oween.