Daycare is not just for kids!

Socialization Corner: Doggy Daycare

Socialization is always something I have thought about for Butter. Traveling often would be difficult without her being calm when walking into new situations. We are still learning, but she does well in most settings. One way I have socialized Butter is through having her go to doggy daycare a few days a week. In my area doggy daycare is $15.00 a day and well worth it! We have been very blessed with amazing employees that have made Butter’s days at daycare wonderful. There are too many benefits to count- but I will share a few now.

Somedays Butter does not want to make it past the cool, shady lawn.







1. Butter is happy and comfortable with dogs. She knows how to approach them when on walks, in the park or at a friend’s house.

2. Butter meets dogs of all sizes, attitudes and ages with professionals monitoring the situation.

3. Butter is happy and comfortable with people. She meets many different employees when at daycare.

4. Butter is tired when she comes home (usually) because she receives plenty of exercise. This is helpful when I am coming from working all day and want to curl up on the couch. The video below shows one day when she was not wanting to move anymore.

5. It is so easy! I just drop her off and then pick her up finding it easiest if I pay for the week up front. It takes about 5 minutes  and they are always very accommodating and friendly. They become part of your family!

Check your area for doggy daycare and make sure you read the reviews ensure your pup enjoys their time as much as Butter does!

Cute stories from Butter’s daycare providers:

The other day I picked up Butter and  heard that her best friend Ludo had to leave early. First, Butter pouted when Ludo left. Then, she spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the couch refusing to play since she was missing her friend. She can be very stubborn! (I guess she might be like her owners…)

When one of the workers was sanding a table Butter was constantly trying to lick their face and be a “helper”. After he sanded the table she tried to lick the table. 

Once, Butter came home with a blue spot on her fur. We still don’t know how, but they report that Butter can find things they never knew they had!

A few weeks ago, I accidentally gave Butter my lunch and took her lunch to work. When I returned to pick her up they reported that she “fed herself” attempting to run into any kennel she could to get food. They said she is “very motivated by food” (so true!)

Butter makes us constantly laugh with her daycare antics.

Butter had multiple pictures up, but my favorite is over her playing with another wonderful friend Cash!