Catch This!

Sunday Walk With Butter #3: Catch.

Today we worked on catching treats, which may seem pretty silly. The reason we do this fun trick is because Butter has to do multiple steps that work on all the basics. Pay attention, sit, wait, catch and then keep walking.

Catch: Sit and face the owner, then catch the treat.

In this video you can see the many commands she goes through to get to the “catch” part. Sorry about the second one, I did not get my treat out previous to the video. oops. 

“Catch” is something that my husband worked with Butter on for many weeks and she is getting pretty good. When going on a walk today, I felt this would be a great trick to continue since it brings many commands into one fun game. Butter gets to jump after a treat, so it does not get any better in her eyes!

To teach this trick, start in a distraction free environment. First, ask your dog to sit, while holding a treat up in front of you so that your dog can see it. Then you will ask them to wait and take one or two steps back. Next, toss the treat and say “catch”. I will admit, I do not always say “catch” since she is motivated to jump at the thrown treat without a verbal command. I also do not use this game for the “catch” part. Butter’s Dad will say “one, two, three” when he throws the treat to give her notice.

On walks, I do the same routine we practiced above, but in a distracted environment. I do not let go of the leash, but I do step back so I can work on all aspects of this trick.

This does take slightly longer to do when you are walking since you have to stop each time, however, it is worth the time since you are working on many important skills.