Bears, Rodeo and Hunting, Oh My!

Butter’s Week In Pictures

Butter went to her grandparents farm for the week with her Dad. I sent the camera and this is what I received. Thank you to J who got me the picture of Butter with Lady!

Lady and Butter had a great time playing!
Butter took many naps when she was in the truck for the rodeo and hunting. She also found plenty of loves during breaks!
Loving the snow and the view!
She loved the snow so much she refused to get in the car when it was time to go.
Butter would slide and slide and slide
She blends in pretty good.
They ended their trip with one “woof” at the bear. She then lost interest and went back to bed.
She stayed in the car the entire time they saw the bear and so did the humans. We do not take any chances when bears are present. 


Hope all of our viewers had a great week with pretty views!