A Puppy and a Messenger Bag.

Socialization Corner: Puppy Walks

With Butter gone this week at her grandparents farm I thought I would do a flashback to when she was super small!

When Butter was a puppy we wanted her to explore her world safely. Due to only having some of her shots, we were not taking her into public areas. We took her to our family’s homes, took her on rides in the car and gave her walks in a messenger bag to help her explore her world safely.

First, we took her to our cabin so she would enjoy new smells, different environments and meet our family. She found her love for pinecones. We knew the dogs who went to the cabin were all vaccinated and no dogs had been sick with Parvo in the past.

We did the same thing with Butter going to her grandparents farm. We will explore this more in a separate post.

Exploring the trees

The other thing we did is take her on walks in a messenger bag. This served two purposes. 1. Got her out into the world safely. 2. Got her walking since she was small enough she would only walk half a block…maybe.

Butter going on walks. She was so tiny!

Through finding safe and alternative ways we were able to socialize Butter quickly with lower risks. Always consult your vet if you have similar ideas to ensure your puppy will be safe.

What did you do when you wanted to safely socialize your dogs as puppy’s? Would love to know more great ideas!