Dog Lover’s Idaho

Downtown Mini Park

Between Main St. and Harrison St., Pocatello, ID


The other morning we wanted Oliver’s breakfast in Pocatello. The best bacon in town! Oliver’s is great, but they do not have outdoor seating and it was too hot to leave Butter in the car. We solved this by taking our breakfast to a park in between two buildings in downtown Pocatello.

Butter and her water bowl.

With a picnic table and some shade, we found this to be a great spot. I brought a few snacks, water, bowl  and our breakfast. Everyone ate and Butter got to work on her socialization skills, through staying calm as people, dogs and cars went by the park.

This park was not busy and included picnic tables, benches and a trash bin.  There was plenty of shade and as we ate, we enjoyed the view of trains starting up and taking off. Another positive is the free parking lot and a dog park across the street. We did not experience the dog park, but found there were many parking spaces available.

She did great hanging out while we ate. A few sticks to chew on and she is happy.

The only negative about this park is that it is downtown so there are busy streets surrounding the park. It would not be a good park to be off leash or if your dog is upset by cars, people or other dogs. If you take your dog to the stores, make sure you ask before taking them in. Don’t forget your poop bags and to leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Butter gives this park 3 paws up!

Butter only has 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!

Dog Lover’s Oregon

Clock Tower Ales







311 Union St., Dalles, OR, 97058

This great restaurant is located in the downtown area of the Dalles, Oregon and is housed in the second Wasco County Courthouse building. The historic building, great staff and wonderful food make this an entertaining place to eat. The porch is dog friendly and we enjoyed the shade from the canvas awnings. It was a hot day and we all managed to be comfortable while eating our scrumptious lunch.

Waiting for more ice.

When you arrive at Clock Tower Ales one person will go through to the porch and meet your dog on the other side of the “dog door”. This door provides access to the porch without having to enter the restaurant. They assured me on the phone that someone would help us if we did not have two people to send Butter through the “dog door”. I found this to be adorable and clever.

This was such a great idea.

As soon as we settled at our table we had multiple waitresses give us compliments about how sweet Butter is, making us feel very welcome with a dog. The waitress brought Butter a bowl of water and provided us with more ice when asked. Butter loved chewing her ice to stay cool and the waitress made us feel comfortable when Butter made a mess of her ice. Nothing new in the Butter world… messy and wet at all times!

Sweet Butter.
She spent most of her time under the table


Butter was trying to impress the waitress.















Due to how friendly this restaurant is regarding dogs, we had about 4-5 dogs come and eat during our lunch. If your dog is not dog friendly or people friendly, this is not a good restaurant to bring your dog because the tables are in close quarters and there are plenty of people who eat at this delicious restaurant. We typically asked Butter to stay under the table since people were so close.

Nice porch, but tables are close together.

Due to traveling, I found that the patches of grass around the restaurant were very convenient to give Butter a potty break. Make sure that you bring your poop bags to leave the area cleaner than you found it. I also brought her a water bowl and chew toy, things I bring everywhere we take her. They did have individual water bowls at this restaurant, another nice feature.

I really enjoyed their flowers.



The food and beer was great with many options. This restaurant is also gluten free friendly. Clock Tower Ales provides live music events that sound great! Please check their website for food, live events and other information.

Butter gives clock tower ales 4 paws up!

Butter only has 4 paws…so 4 paws is the best.


Dog Lover’s Idaho

Red Fish Lake


401 Redfish Lodge Road, Stanley, ID, 83278

Nothing beats Red Fish Lake in Idaho. The nature, the beauty and the water make this a great place to relax and have fun every year.

This was Butter’s first paddleboard experience due to the lake being calm and clear. A friend of ours, Katie, commented that her dog, Nash,  learned to swim at Red Fish Lake due to the calm and clear water. How awesome is that?

Butter learning to sit on the paddle board before we started.

Red Fish Lake is dog friendly with a clearly marked dog beach located directly behind the visitors center. When I talked to the visitors center staff I was told that dogs can go most places on leash, but only off leash at the dog beach. We followed the signs, but saw dogs everywhere we went on this trip. Butter is always on a leash, so we did not worry about off/on leash areas.

We had a good experience going to a side beach close to the camping areas. If you drive around you can typically find a less crowded area. If you do not mind the crowds you can also go by the main lodge.

We arrived, paid for our car and then took our time unloading our car, getting ready and heading down a short (less than .25 miles) trail to a miniature beach where we headed into the water. Having space was great since Butter was able to explore nature while we blew up our paddle boards. We brought a long leash so that she had space to explore without going too far.

Look at the view!

As we loaded our paddle boards we had a pay it forward moment. Since this was Butter’s first time on the water a stranger took pictures from her phone and texted them to me. It meant a lot that someone would capture this moment. This shows how great of a place Red Fish Lake really is!

One picture a stranger took for us. I will always remember her kindness.

Now, you must be wondering…how did Butter do on the paddle boards?  She jumped into the water after the first few paddles. This water was still very cold and she was not sure about her first deep water excursion. For the rest of the trip she stayed next to us or wanted to climb into our laps. By the end she enjoyed paddleboards taking a nap on the board. We took a break half way through. On the beach Butter rested, played with sticks and warmed up from the cold water. She was a great sport!

Sweet Butter, taking a nap.

When you go to Red Fish Lake, you will not want to leave. So we packed for a day long trip and would suggest you do the same. Red Fish Lake has camping, a restaurant, bathrooms, visitors center, hiking, water sports and rentals, a small store… most of what you need. I would recommend making reservations early since this is a popular destination. We remembered poop bags making sure we leave the area cleaner than we found it.

Cost: $6.00+ depending on parking, trash use, camping, food…

Recommended Supplies:

  • Parking cash (Have some $1.00 and $5.00 bills for parking and trash use)
  • Towels
  • Paddle board, kayak or other water sport item (you can rent these if desired)
  • Swimsuit and water shoes and a change of clothes for after
  • Sunscreen/bugspray
  • Harness
  • Poop bags
  • Leash
  • Water for you and your pup
  • Picnic items (optional, but suggested)
  • Hiking boots (if hiking)
  • Camping supplies (if camping)
  • Bear Spray (if hiking)

Butter gives Red Fish Lake 4 paw up!

Butter only has 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!

Dog Lover’s Montana

Uplands Trail

Such a beautiful morning.

Parking off Aspen Leaf Dr., Big Sky, Montana

Butter was not able to go with us to Montana, so Kenai (dog) and Chelsie (owner) took us on this blog tour today. We were visiting these two in Big Sky, Montana and had a great time. This was the second hike we did together.

We wanted to start the day of right (before a long drive) and this hike was the perfect way to do that! The uplands trail is right on the edge of town and about a 5 minute drive from the center of Big Sky. We did see one person walking from town to the trail head, but I do not recommend this as there are no sidewalks.

Although only 2.2 miles round trip, this trail is a steady climb for 1 mile making it a moderate hike. This climb allows for breath taking views and going in July gave us blooming wildflowers popping with color. This hike, walking at a slow pace, took us about an hour.

So many wild flowers.

The Uplands trail is appropriate for a good workout with a run up the hill or an easy walk taking your time. Either way, you can not beat the views. The elevation gains can make this hike seem harder since the air gets slightly thinner. One thing is for sure, in our group, Kenai got the best workout because this is an off leash trail. She would run through the fields and trees with a smile on her face and a wag in her tail. A tired dog is a good dog and Kenai was tired at the end.

Kenai loved the open fields.

This hike is very dog friendly and dogs are able to be on or off leash as long as they are under voice command and in control. Kenai was in control, however, it was frustrating at times because we ran into a few dogs that were not under voice command from their owners. Please know if your dog is able to be under voice command and do what is best for everyone, especially due to the potential of seeing bears and moose on this trail.

We ran into about 4 dogs and 10 people during our short journey. Bikes are welcome on this trail and we did run into 2 mountain bikers. This was a Monday morning hike, so the traffic was minimal. We also passed some wildlife including chipmunks and birds. No bears were spotted today, but we had bear spray and packed everything in and out. Remember to leave the area cleaner than you found it.

So pretty.
The light on the top of the mountain made for an awesome sighting. .










The Uplands Trail gives you access to other trails allowing you to go on a longer hike if interested. This hike, Ralph’s Pass, does require a leash and the best part- they provide a leash if you do not have one! No excuses-right? If you are choosing to do this hike you will need your leash and will want to have food and water depending on the amount of time you plan to hike. However, I would suggest water even if you are only doing the Uplands trail.

Leashes for a longer path.

I got service at times during this hike, but don’t plan on it. You will want to be prepared with good clothing, hiking shoes and water. Tennis shoes will work, but with the mud, I found hiking shoes to be better. Chelsie reports this season has included more rain for big sky than is normal, so the trail was wet and we got a few drops of rain during our hike. Make sure you check the weather.

The view will make you wag your tail too!

This hike is open during the winter. Remember your yaktraks or snowshoes and a nice winter coat. Don’t forget your pups paws with some snow booties.


Recommended Supplies:

  • Towels (if muddy)
  • Poop bags
  • Leash
  • Water for you and your pup
  • Harness
  • Hiking boots
  • Bear Spray
  • Food (optional, recommended if going on other trails)
  • Coat (depending on weather)
  • Snowshoes or yaktraks (winter)
  • Booties for your pup (winter)

Kenai gives this hike 4 paws up! 

Kenai only has 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!

The Cone of Shame

Plus… a week of rest!

Poor Butter got spayed this week. She is resting for a while to let her incision heal. She has been a good sport and feeling better each day. We have given her chew toys and go on calm walks to help her stay happy. Soon she will be back to her blogging adventures.

What did you do when your animals needed to rest for a week?

Butter and her Dad sleeping on the floor soon after she got home. 
She is not a fan of her cone, but has only had to wear it at night. During the day we watch her closely.
Lots and lots of chew toys  to keep her busy.
Only one loss so far in this journey. R.I.P. toilet paper roll… I guess she is getting her energy back quickly! 


Dog Lover’s Montana

Ousel Falls Trail

The start of the hike. I love their cool trash can decorations!










Ousel Falls Rd., Gallatin Gateway, MT, 59730

Butter was not able to go with us to Montana, so Kenai (dog) and Chelsie (owner) took us on this blog tour today. We were visiting these two in Big Sky, Montana and had a great time.

Sweet Kenai, on the way home from the hike.

The first hike we did was Ousel Falls, a great option after a long drive and limited time. Chelsie reported that this hike is consistently well groomed and is an easy stroll. We found these facts to be accurate and also learned the falls is named after the Ousel Bird (also known as the American Dipper).

Turns out, for us, this was an adventurous hike since a stormed started as soon as we reached the falls! We got rained on the whole way back and it was very wet by the time we reached the car. Luckily, the entire hike was only 1.6 miles from the trailhead. It is possible to walk from town center to this hike for a longer 5.6 mile walk.

Due to our experience, I would recommend you look at the weather and take rain jackets and towels if you find the forecast calls for rain. Either way, towels for the water loving dog will be an essential.

Getting back I was wet and muddy. It was worth it!
This hike is along the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River.

This was an easy hike with lots of bridges, places to sit, a picnic table, and trails connecting to other hikes. Restrooms and garbage cans are positioned at the beginning of the hike before you begin.  The trail is very well kept and we saw many families, strollers, fishermen and dogs on the trail. Although we did not see horses this trip, they also share this trail. This is an on-leash trail. Kenai was on her leash except for when swimming.

Kenai excited after getting out of the river.

The trail was wide allowing our little group to easily talk and interact. It was dog and stroller friendly with plenty of  space when passing. It took us about 40 minutes to walk to the falls and back, walking at a slow to medium pace.

There was a picnic table with a great view of the 100 foot waterfall. On a sunny day, it would be great to stop and eat. This hike is in bear country, so please be bear safe. This includes,  packing everything in and out, only having food out when you are eating and bringing bear spray.  Despite the heavy traffic on this trail, it is important to follow the signs posted to help avoid having bears visit this trail to forage for food.

Lovely Kenai.
Everywhere you look is beautiful on this hike.









The Ousel Falls trail is great for the whole family, but the end has large rock stairs and they are slippery when wet. Be cautious if you are not good with stairs or carrying a child/small dog. It was fun to be down by the falls and Kenai loved swimming in the river.

Remember to bring poop bags and to leave the area cleaner than you found it.

This hike is open in the winter and Chelsie spoke about the beautiful winter icicles and frozen sights. If hiking in the winter it will be important to have snowshoes or yaktraks for you and to protect your pups feet from the cold.

Kenai jumped right in!


Recommended Supplies:

  • Towels
  • Picnic (optional)
  • Poop bags
  • Leash
  • Water for you and your pup
  • Doggie life vest
  • Harness
  • Tennis shoes
  • Bear spray
  • Coat (depending on weather)
  • Snowshoes or yaktraks (winter)
  • Booties for your pup (winter)

Kenai gives this hike 4 paws up! It is great to have an easy hike with beautiful views for the entire family.

Kenai only has 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!






Dog Lover’s Hawaii

Pilikai Beach Park

Signs pointing to the beach. Cove 5 is the dog beach.

5205 Iroquois Avenue, Ewa Beach, HI 96706

With guest stars Ike and Brittney!

Ike wet from a bath shortly after his ocean swim!

Pilikai Beach  Park is located in Iroquois Point which is a gated neighborhood called “Kapilina Beach Homes”. The neighborhood and beach are open to non-residents if you obtain a visitor pass. Thankfully, the security guards were helpful and guided us to this great beach.

If you don’t live in the Kapilina Beach Home neighborhood and aren’t a guest of someone that lives there, you will have to get a visitor pass. To obtain a visitor pass you will present your ID to the security guard at the gate, before you enter the neighborhood. The security guard will issue you a day pass and an assigned parking spot.

The beaches are public, however, the chairs under the umbrellas and cabanas are for residents only.

Umbrellas and cabanas are for resident use only.

When Ike and I visited this beach, we were assigned a parking spot that was about 0.5 miles away from the dog beach. The parking spot was difficult to find because there are many parking areas that say “guest/visitor,” but you need to look for small numbers painted on the ground to find the assigned spot.

Dogs are only allowed in Cove 5. According to the signs posted dogs must be leashed and in control at all times.

Ike and I visited Cove 5, otherwise known as the Dog Beach, on a Thursday afternoon. There were 6 other people present, but no other dogs! Once we got there, Ike immediately headed to the water. I kept him on the leash and played fetch with his favorite beach toy.

The beach is sandy with rocky coral, which may hurt when you step on it, so bring your water socks or shoes. It is also important to be mindful of the rough sand to avoid cuts on your dogs paws.

A tired dog is a good dog and Ike loved his swim.

Along the beach there are nine “T” shaped structures that were built to restore and stabilize the sandy beach and protect the housing area from flooding during storms. The “T” shaped structures help to give the beach a protected feel (similar to the Ko Olina bays).

You can see the T structures in the background.

While we were in the water there was a slight undertow. Please ONLY GO IN THE WATER IF YOU ARE SURE THAT THE CONDITIONS ARE SAFE AND HAVE APPROPRIATE SWIMMING ABILITIES. There are no lifeguards on duty, so be smart and cautious!

Ike and I had a great time playing in the water and digging in the sand.

Go Ike go!

Afterwards I took Ike over to one of the public shower areas and rinsed him off, which made for a much cleaner car.

Always remember your poop bags and to leave the area cleaner than you found it.


Recommended Supplies:
·      Leash
·      Harness
·      Pet waste bags
·      Doggie life vest (if your pup isn’t a strong swimmer)
·      Water socks/water shoes for yourself and dog booties for your pup.
·      Towels
·      Dog toys
·      Water for you and your pup

A beautiful, clean beach!

1.     Clean, dog friendly beach
2.     Public showers, restrooms, drinking fountains, and trash cans available
3.     Lots of parking
4.     There’s a nice walkway along the beach that you can stroll to help your dog dry off before your car ride home
5.     Wasn’t very crowded
6.     There’s a beautiful view of Honolulu, Waikiki, and Diamond Head

1.     It was a bit of a walk from our assigned parking spot (0.5 mile each way)
2.     The beach is somewhat rocky and can hurt you or your pet’s feet if you’re not careful
3.     There’s a bit of an undertow, which could make for unsafe swimming conditions

Ike gives this beach 3 paws up! We subtracted 1 paw due to the “cons” listed above. We will definitely visit this beach again!

Ike only has 4 paws…so 4 paws up is the best!

About Ike

Breed: Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever
Age: 13.5 months
Interests include: swimming, digging in sand, going on walks, car rides, eating ice cubes, and belly rubs.
The wonderful Ike!

Travel Tip

Sprinkler Stop

Whenever we look for a place to stop, as we travel,  we look for Butter’s favorite thing- a sprinkler!

During the summer (when we travel the most) many parks have sprinklers going and we will stop to let Butter cool down, play and enjoy her break. This helps her “beat the heat”, while getting some exercise.

A few trips back we stopped at a school with sprinklers going and Butter LOVED playing in them. In fact, it took a while to convince her to leave and get back in the car. I make sure that Butter does not get close to the in-ground sprinklers because I don’t want her to break them. This sprinkler was metal and on the end of a hose, so I let her get close and she played with the water.

Sprinkler fun! She did not want to leave.

If you are willing to get down and dirty with some “cool” fun, sprinklers are a great, free resource.  However, don’t forget towels to dry off your dog or possibly, yourself! Consider taking your dog for a “dry off” walk after you play. With a walk and a towel you will keep the mess to a minimum when you return to the car. This is not a clean activity.

Always remember your poop bags and to leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Butter gives sprinklers 2 paws up… because they can be messy.

*Butter only has 4 paws… so 4 paws up is the best!