Old McDonald had a Miniature Donkey

Socialization Corner- On the Farm

If you are going to a farm, ask to bring your dog! The number of opportunities to socialize a dog on a farm are endless. Noises, domestic animals, wild animals, machines, open spaces, people and so much more.

Butter meeting the horses and Elsworth for the first time.














We are fortunate to have Butter’s grandparent’s farm to visit and love to spend time with them. When we are on the farm it is always a great opportunity for Butter to have new experiences. Butter rides in the tractor,  walks around and interacts with many animals.

Butter was not phased by the large machines. 











Butter’s first ride in the tractor. A few weeks after we got her.

















At the farm we walk her every morning to see bunnies, our miniature donkey, cows, horses and other dogs. She is around when we start up the equipment and is able to watch the equipment move around while the boys work. Butter tends to ignore the equipment since she has been around it multiple times. Butter runs through fields with high brush and attempts to get the miniature donkey to play through the fence.

She loved to run and we would play recall games.
She is running back for some treats. Go, Butter, go!



Butter’s Dad plans to help her become a bird hunting dog, so we spend time letting her run around in the mud, brush and crops looking for birds and following scents. We laughed this week because she ran straight over one pheasant following the scent of another that was about 50 yards away from the first pheasant. So in a single run she pushed two pheasants out, but to her, she only found one. I guess we still have some work to do…


A storm was coming and we got soaked.
Love those floppy running ears.
She needed a bath by the end of this journey.

Butter did well! We use positive reward based training throughout these experiences, keeping her on a leash, so she was safe in these new environments.

You never know what friends you will make on a farm. In Butter’s case her new friend is Elsworth, our nephews miniature donkey!

Watching the cows eat. She was tempted to join them!
A maze of hay.
She really wanted to get to her Dad… and the cow poop!
Butter believes that sticks and water are the best. 
Her first trip to the farm. She was too little to be out of the truck.
She loved to go on adventures with her Uncle!

Better Late Than Never!

We won!

Butter won the pet Halloween costume contest and we LOVED working with Chelsie and Fearless Photography during our Christmas photoshoot. She was great with Butter and enjoyable to work with. Below are a few pictures from our session. We also would like to thank those who voted for us and to let you all know that we donated to the Twin Falls Humane Society in honor of our win. Thank you!

Check Fearless Photography out now!


Dog Lover’s Wyoming

Falls Campground and Overlook








Shoshone National Forest on U.S. Highway 26/287                                                      (Travel 25 miles NW from Dubois, WY)






We visit Falls Campground and Overlook multiple times a year to give us a short break and beautiful walk while traveling long distances. I enjoy making a connection with nature, especially when traveling in the car for multiple hours. This was the perfect break and Butter also enjoyed getting a walk.

We had Butter go on the stumps for a challenge. Following the diamonds on the trees. A neat view of the falls. 

To continue hiking, follow the blue diamonds.  We followed these diamonds for a while, however, there were many fallen trees and eventually we decided to turn around.  Once we were past the overlook, the fence ends. The large drop offs made me slightly nervous while walking a puppy, therefore I did not want to continue. If you are bothered by heights, consider stopping when the wooden fence ends.

This area was dog friendly and has bathrooms for the camp sights. There are some dumpsters, however, they were locked when we visited. You may end up packing your trash back out with you. Always make sure that you pick up your dog poop and leave the area cleaner than you found it.

If hiking* make sure you remember:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Long pants
  • Water (for humans and dogs)
  • Snacks and treats
  • Leash and halter
  • Poop bags
  • Sunscreen
Ready to jump.
Love those floppy ears!

At this campground there are 42 sights, some with electricity. The camping sights cost $15.00-$20.00 per night with a 16 day maximum stay. This is bear country and all food needs to be placed in bear safe containers when not being consumed. Many of these camp sights have bear boxes. There are toilets and picnic tables. Open season is June-September. For more details please check the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service website.

Butter gives Falls Campground and Overlook 4 paws up!

Butter only has 4 paws…so 4 paws is the best.

*If only visiting the falls overlook, regular shoes and clothing may work, however I caution you to be prepared and protect yourself.

Ready Or Not…

Here we come!

We are back after a (LONG) break. We have been sewing for Christmas, visiting family and getting ready to move to Oregon. Big changes! We included a few pictures from these adventures.

Butter and Ludo enjoying a walk. Photo Credit: Arnea (Ludo’s mom)
Sewing project #1: new toy! Monster bottle holder
Getting ready to take Christmas card photographs.
Helping the family (especially her Dad) move the chopped wood onto the porch.
Sewing Project #2: A bandana.
Sewing project #3: Collars for her and Ludo.
She stayed up ALL NIGHT at a sleepover with Ludo, so now she is cuddling up with her Ludo bear.
A trip to Boise, ID to discover a new area.

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and we look forward to catching up with some awesome hike!

Take Me to the City!

Socialization Corner- Jackson Hole, WY


I take Butter to a new city anytime I have the opportunity. A new city presents  obstacles and opportunities to socialize. Today we are featuring Jackson Hole, WY on our way to visit family. This was not only a break for Butter, but had some great opportunities for new experiences.








When we are visiting a new city with Butter, I attempt to look at the city with a new set of eyes. I like to think of “agility” and all the different events and tasks dogs will do. What can be a new surface, odd shape, weird texture and how can I expose Butter to this? I do this for three reasons.

First, I want to grow our relationship and trust.

Second, I want to continue training in all opportunities.

Third, it is good socialization since I do not want Butter to be scared of different situations and act in a negative manner.

I always bring treats and do positive reward based training through these new opportunities.



















In Jackson we found many opportunities including statues, benches, covered walkways, wooden paths, small enclosures and of course cars, people and animals.







Previously Butter had been around children statues and had licked their hands attempting to get pets. This time she seemed to recognize they were statues and just sniffed them. I guess she really does learn from these moments!

At times, Butter can be embarrassing such as trying to get pets from every person, but I continue taking her to the city with the hope that someday she will be better. It is hard to remember that she is just a puppy at times.

Despite her desire to have many people pet her, I have noticed that there are specific people Butter will do anything to get to. At first I found this to be mortifying as she pulls me towards them. Lately, though, I have noticed that Butter knows what she is doing. These people always seem to connect with her, have a story about a lab they have loved or just love dogs and desire a connection. Other times she could easily access a person we are passing and she ignores them. She is amazing in ways I will never fully grasp. I just hope I can learn to listen better and keep her from jumping up on people!

When Butter is not embarrassing us, I am doing my best to take her place. For example, when getting a picture of Butter on the bench (seen previously) we managed to gather a crowd of about 6 people. They stood there watching us for about 5 minutes. Since I know I am a little silly with my ideas, I just ignore it…unless they want to pet Butter of course. Without a doubt, taking Butter places always pushes me out of my comfort zone.

For Jackson specifically, I found it a great place to give Butter a break and push her mind by having her participate in the different tasks we came up with. However, I did not find Jackson to be the most dog friendly place as many of the parks have signs that read “no dogs” posted. Restaurants are in tight places on main street and it is rare that you find outdoor seating  areas. I feel this would be a good place to have two people (if you bring your dog) so that one can go into the restaurant or store while the other stays with the dog.

Whenever we go to the city we respect the signs,  do not leave Butter in a hot or cold car, bring poop bags and leave areas cleaner than we found it. Please continue to do the same as we do not want more and more places to have “no dogs allowed” signs keeping us from enjoying a great city.



One click from you, donation from Butter!

Please vote for Butters costume!

If we win this contest we will donate what we would have spent on the photo shoot to our local humane society! Please help us win by clicking “like” on Butters photo.


Thank you to fearless photography for your support to our local humane society with this event!

Check out fearless photography on Facebook. All photo credit to them!


We Love Farmers!

Socialization Corner: Farmers Market

In my town we have a great farmers market with produce that is irresistible. This farmers market is busy with plenty of dogs, people and children. If a farmers market near you is dog friendly, it is a great opportunity to socialize a dog!

This was the first time Butter had visited the farmers market and it brought many new and old challenges.

We went in the fall season when the farmers market is starting to be less busy. Although there were plenty of people and distractors for Butter to learn from, we had enough room to walk around and do some training. Butter still found a flying table cloth and mirror wind charm to bark at, but with less people around, we could properly discover this table cloth, reward calm behavior and work through our barks.

Going when the market is less busy allowed more places to sit and we spent time in the middle of the market following commands and relaxing in a distracting environment.

Don’t let this sweet face fool you. She was just dumpster diving, that is why she is licking!
She is pretty cute despite her yucky dog taste!






















A few things I did to help ensure success include going on a walk in the morning before we went to the market, getting to the market before our friends to follow some commands and bring lots of treats to help keep Butters attention on me.

Love this trick because she has to follow multiple commands. I also love her ears as she jumps to get the treat. 

Sweet friends. We challenged ourselves more by inviting her good friend Rizzo! 


Happy “Howl”oween!

We wish everyone a spooky, but safe “Howl”oween.

Love, Butter

This toy has a bottle in it, so she has been loving it none stop. Crunch!
We made her a spooky “Howl”oween collar.
An eyeball monster.
Lastly, a fun Spider!

Dog Lover’s Idaho

Auger Falls






Canyon Springs Road, Twin Falls, ID, 83301

Auger Falls is in the Snake River Canyon by Twin Falls, ID. To find the parking area: Drive down the grade, towards Centennial Park. Before you enter the  park, follow the road going to the left and drive by the golf course.  Continue past the golf course onto a gravel road and you will end in the parking lot.

With this as the view from the parking lot, it is obvious that this will be a beautiful hike.

We have hiked Auger Falls multiple times and typically about a dozen or less people are present. There is good parking, no charge and an outhouse when you arrive. There are no garbage cans, but you should still leave the area cleaner than you found it. Be prepared to pack out what you pack in. After you begin the journey there are no other amenities, it is just nature. The most wonderful thing about Auger Falls is how you can feel as if you are out of the city, when you are just a few miles away.

So many miniature waterfalls and beautiful colors this time of the year.
From the “Eagle Trail” you can take small paths down to the edge to look at the falls.
The “Auger Falls” trail will also bring you to this beautiful view.

All of the trails are clearly marked and the trails are kept with little debris. All the trails are dirt, unless you go onto the road (not open to cars) that is gravel. The main use of these trails appears to be for mountain bikers and some hikers.

If you walk to the look out (cliff edge) and back you hit about 4 miles. I have done this twice using my phone to track my mileage and both routes ended at 3.8-4.0 miles. All the trails I have walked on have been easy with only a few mild inclines. There is a lot of brush on all sides and you will want to have long pants to protect your legs from brush and ticks. There may be snakes in this area depending on the season, we have seen them before.

This is the ending of the trails when you hit the cliff and can see down the canyon. Worth the four miles!
Such a sweet face.
There are a lot of photo opportunities on this trail.
You can access this bridge if you follow the road. We have looked at it in the past, but I feel this view is even better!

Today we started on “Homestead Loop” linking to “Eagle Trail”, “Koda’s Trail”, “Haunted Forest” and ending on “Porcupine Trail”.  With many trails it is possible to make a hike long or short in this area. If you prefer to be by the water  stay on “Homestead Loop”, “Auger Falls” and “Eagle Trail”. If you prefer to see the water and then other views of the canyon, including a few small ponds, follow the other trails mentioned above. No matter your choice, it is all beautiful and fun to explore.

Clearly marked trails.
“Homestead Loop” has this old building.
Silliness on the trail. They love to play. I always try to stop and give Butter some love when we are hiking.

Butter give Auger Falls 4 paws up!

Butter only has 4 paws… so 4 paws up is the best.